The Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig, created by James Dirschberger and Jay Howell, is a show about a boy, Sanjay, and his best friend Craig who is a snake. No, that's not a slight on Craig's character. He really is a talking snake.

For the episode Maximum Dennis Sanjay and Craig are playing their favorite video game, Thumbs Up Karate, and I was tasked with creating the video game footage. Thumbs Up Karate features their favorite washed up action star, Remington Tufflips so the art direction for the game was to reference Virtua Fighter as that would have been the height of video game technology when he was a superstar.

Modeling of the characters was handled by Mark Renaud, Andrea Yomtob and myself. I did all the rigging with LightWave's modular rigging system Genoma and handled all the animation and compositing. Getting sequences like this are a lot of fun to work on because it gives me a chance to work on every part of the creation process.

Nickelodeon Sanjay and Craig "Maximum Dennis" CG Breakdown from Ernest Chan on Vimeo.