Out of Our Minds Animation Studio: CSX Karma

These are two shorts for the transportation company CSX for their "How Tomorrow Gives" campaign that was produced by Out of Our Minds Animation Studios that I did character animation for. This was a fun project to work on and all the more satisfying knowing that I was working on something that promoted charity.

These two shorts came out beautifully and one might just assume that it was all cg but the sets are actually practical minature sets. This is a great example of leveraging the talents of different disciplines to create something unique. More information about their process can be found in this blog and this blog.

CSX How Tomorrow Gives: Good Karma "Date" from Out of Our Minds Studios on Vimeo.

CSX How Tomorrow Gives: Good Karma "Walk" from Out of Our Minds Studios on Vimeo.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

Created by the brilliant Jorge Gutiérrez and Sandra Equihua, El Tigre is easily one of the most fun shows that I worked on while at Nick. Even though the show was done in Flash, it didn't have the typical Flash look in style and execution. The production quality that went into that show was top notch and the writing is hilariouos. El Tigre is one of the few cartoons that would make me bust out laughing.

My team was responsible for updating the After Effects projects with animation retakes and enhancing the fx in the show. Even though the workload was high for this show, reviewing shots with Jorge and the directors was always fun even if they took longer than expected because we would be debating which movie vehicle we would all want to own. I chose the Batmobile from the TV series. There was a Batman movie so that still counts.


For the web design company WebSubstance I designed and built their mascot. During the design process I worked closely with the client in exploring different designs of the robot by submitting different variations. One of the things that I like about working with new clients is the exploration process in bringing their ideas to life.

Even though CG is a pretty common medium now, it can still be intimidating to those that don't work in it. When I'm working with a client that doesn't have a lot of CG experience, I try to make the creative process as forgiving as possible so they aren't intimidated by the technology. I encourage my clients to voice all of their creative concerns and then leave me the responsibility in overcoming the technical challenges.

Three Little Birds Productions

This is a custom logo animation for the production company Three Little Birds.

The client provided a character design for their logo and from this still I modeled, textured, rigged and animated their characters. During the animation process I provide work in progress animation clips so the client can respond with notes. The process when working with a client can be very iterative and fluid as the initial animation direction will often evolve during the process.

Below is a screen grab from the animation layout process where you can see all the animation controls required for each character. Mouse over the image to see a frame rendered with LightWave's VPR. You will notice that the bird's wings intersect through the body. This was rectified during the compositing stage by layering the render pass of the wings over the body layer.